Ive been working with Sephora’s “Flashy Liner Waterproof” for quite some time now. It comes in 10 different colors, so there’s LOTS of variety for you to choose from!

What Im loving:
Love the fact that its a soft pencil, so there is NO eye pulling… no one wants “early” wrinkles from their eyeliner, no matter how much you love something.
Its waterproof! I have lots of clients who have oily eyelids, but love wearing liner. This is a fool proof way to have your liner and love it too!

Id love it more if: Id love if I had more control with the tip thickness. Being as it is a pencil, this is always a challenge that you will always run into compared to a liquid liner where there is more control. That being said, a light handed application is always the way to go!

Link to this product:


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